Coordinator’s Update

Doug Erickson

Doug Erickson

“Baby, It’s cold outside!” Just read an article that claimed this song was inappropriate. It might or might not be a good choice for your holiday dance but it is undeniably an accurate assessment of the weather.

The MAHS/MASC Executive Committee met on December 13th. They evaluated the MAHS/MASC Leadership Forum and agreed it was time to look elsewhere. Elsewhere is Cragun’s Resort just outside of Brainerd. It is a much larger site in a resort setting. The cost per night is about the same and it includes breakfast. Another advantage is it is closer to the middle of the state than Fergus Falls. The dates are November 5 and 6.

I am honored to announce the Warren E. Shull award winner for our state. The Shull award goes to an advisor who participates at the local, state, and national level. I forwarded Leah Madison from Chisago Lakes High School to the NASC selection committee. Leah has been an advisor for 11 years and meets all the criteria for the award. She has been a valuable asset to the Eastern Division. She has facilitated the planning of and hosting division meetings. Leah has been committed to making sure her students are involved in local, division, state, and national leadership training. We truly appreciate Leah’s support on the state level. Leah will be recognized at the advisor banquet at the MAHS/MASC State Leadership Convention along with the Division Advisor of the Year awards.

I will be sending registration information for the NASC National Conference at Pinkerton Academy in Manchester, New Hampshire at the beginning of next year. We will be flying Sun Country into Boston. Our travel dates are June 23-28. On the 23rd we will be touring the historic sections of Boston. The schedule for the 24th and 25th has yet to be determined but will probably include an opportunity for a Harvard sweatshirt and a trip to the ocean. Pinkerton Academy will host a welcome party on the night of the 25th at a local amusement park. The actual conference is on the 26th through the 28th. We leave Boston on the night of the 28th. As soon as the details are finalized, I will give you a price for students and advisors. It will be similar to last year’s cost. We have sixty spots on the flight. As in the past, a $500 deposit will hold your spot. Check out the video on the NASC website under the heading of conferences

Progress on the state convention is moving forward. It will be held in Rochester at Mayo, John Marshall, and Century High Schools. The theme is “Destination Leadership.”  The conference will be a home stay for students. This will save schools a significant amount of money. For schools that do not allow students to stay in homes, the students and advisors will be staying at the Kahler Apache. Advisors who are taking advantage of the home stay have two choices: Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field and the Hilton Garden Inn Rochester, Downtown. Click Here Hotel Reservation Information. Convention registration materials will be out at the beginning of the 2017.

Earlier this year I asked you to send a pic of your principal with a note of appreciation by a student or a group of students. This is going in the principals e-news. It just needs to be a paragraph. This would be great public relations for your honor society or student council.

Finally, the MAHS, MASC, and Ardis Kyker scholarship information is on the website ( If you have not joined the MAHS or the MASC-please consider it. We are only as strong as our membership. I want to thank both organizations for their support. We are on pace to match last year’s membership levels. If you are not the advisor, please forward your successor’s contact information.

Here is this week’s idea:
Make-A-Wish fund raiser-Orono High School is finishing their Make-A-Wish week. Make-A-Wish is the state honor society and student council service project this year. In addition to selling stars and a Make-A-Wish dance on Friday night, the committee sponsored a silent auction with the administration, faculty, and school organizations donating items such as: Caribou coffee delivered to you every morning for a week-park in the teacher lot for a month-Chipolte delivered once a week for a month-tutoring in a number of subjects-front of the lunch line pass for a week. You get the idea. Orono advisors’ Grace Nohner and Jarett Lundquist with their council organized the effort. They raised over $2000 in a one hour event. Email for more details.

Again, thanks for your continued support this past year. I enjoy every phone call I receive about Minnesota Honor Society and Student Councils. The calls represent how much you care. Hopefully the holiday break will be a time of rest and rejuvenation.

Doug Erickson
Coordinator of Student Activities