Leadership Development

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Leadership Forum is a One-day meeting of Student Council, Honor Society, and other school leaders.

Advisors’ Workshop is a one-day workshop in the fall that includes professional development,idea sharing, networking, and information about MASC. It is generally held in late October/early November each year.

One-Day Leadership Workshops are leadership training workshops held throughout the state. Open to all member schools. Workshops include project brainstorming, exchanging ideas, teacher and staff appreciation, project planning, leadership challenges, etc.

Division Presidents’ Meeting: Division Presidents’ meet three times during the year to help the executive committee with Hot Topics and issues of concern from MASC member schools.

State Leadership Convention: Speakers, election of state officers, and business meetings to vote on concerns of member schools. Open to 3 voting delegates from every member school. Materials become available prior to this conference for those who wish to run for a position on the executive committee.

Middle Level State Convention: This is a wonderful opportunity for middle level students and advisors to participate in activities that are fun, teach leadership, and give all participants ideas to take back to their schools.

Summer Leadership Academy: The Leadership Academy is designed to teach the principles of effective leadership and to provide practical experience in applying these principles. It is open to all middle school and high school student leaders who desire to increase their leadership potential and create positive change in their school communities. Most students who attend the leadership academy are involved in student council, National Honor Society, or other leadership positions in their school, and have a desire to increase their leadership skills.