State Service Project

Make-A-Wish Minnesota

This years’ service project will be to partner with Make-A-Wish Minnesota to grant wishes to children with critical illnesses. The overall goal is to grant 10 wishes and we couldn’t do it without the help of our member schools. For more information about how you can help, please use the following resources for assistance. The Advisor guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up a webpage to help track your progress. Together, we can make wishes come true!

Be part of the solution... not the pollution!

Choose to clean up your community and waterways by adopting a lake or highway, recycling in your school, or planting trees. You can participate in environmentally friendly product swapping; such as going paperless for a specific period of time or overall! You can organize a community event to clean up trash in your city or just do your own part by switching to reusable products and limiting single use plastics. Show us what your school can do to reduce pollution in your community.

The 2021-2022 MAHS/MASC state service project is focusing on local food shelves. The Executive Committee led by Alexa Mack from Monticello High School and Jennifer Nguyen from Orono High School wanted to select a service project that impacted their local residents. With the highest food prices in decades, food and money donations to local food shelves was the logical choice.

Chapters and councils are asked to keep track of the amount of food and money they raised to help their local residents cope with the high cost of food. The schools' results will be reported at the MAHS/MASC State Leadership Convention on March 26-27 at Tech High School in St. Cloud.

This year the MASC/MAHS has decided to dedicate our state service project to raising money for COVID relief in Minnesota through the United Way. Here is a statement from their website: "As the situation with Coronavirus continues to evolve, we have the safety of our staff, community partners, and the general public as our top priority... We have launched the COVID-19 Relief Fund to provide urgent and necessary funds for the emerging and critical needs of our community due to the Coronavirus pandemic."

We are encouraging student leadership groups to use their creativity and raise much needed funds to help the United Way reach their goals. Every day we see images on the news of food lines, housing issues, and closed businesses. This year's service project will directly help families in your community.

Please work with your local United Way organization. Do not send any of the raised funds to the MAHS/MASC office.

The 2019-2020 MAHS/MASC State Executive Committee has announced this year’s state service project. “Toys for Tots” is a well-respected annual service project. Their website will give each council and chapter a clear direction in carrying out this years Minnesota State Service Project. The Executive Committee chose this service project for its local impact. Each council/chapter will have the opportunity to directly affect their community. All fundraising and toy collection numbers will be tabulated and sent to the MAHS/MASC office. Your school and division’s efforts will be announced at MAHS/MASC State Leadership Convention.

The Minnesota Association of Honor Societies and the Minnesota Association of Student Councils Executive Committee met and named Special Olympics as the 2018-2019 MAHS/MASC State Service Project. Honor Societies and Student Councils can decide how they want to support this very important service project. This can be done through financial support and/or service hours. Many schools also participate in the Unified Sports program. This service opportunity can also be recognized as part of the state service project. This link explains Unified Sports.

Schools should keep track of hours volunteered and money donates. At the 2019 MAHS/MASC State Leadership Convention these numbers will be reported and schools recognized for their efforts. Money should be donated directly to a school’s local chapter of Special Olympics or Unified Sports. No money should be sent to MAHS/MASC. Click here to visit the website for the Minnesota Chapter of Special Olympics and Unified Sports. 

Food for Kidz

At the first executive board meeting of the year, Food for Kidz was named the state service project. Food for Kidz is located in Steward, Minnesota. The organization will play an important role in the 2018 state convention to be held at ACGC High School. Delegates to the state convention will actually participate in a food-packing event. Individual schools can help with this state wide project with fund raising events to help cover the food costs. The website for the organization is

The MAHS/MASC is excited to combine a state service project with an activity in conjunction with the MAHS/MASC state convention.

The MAHS/MASC Executive Committee has designated the Make-A-Wish program as the state’s service project. They set an ambitious goal of $32,500 or five wishes. Any amount raised by individual schools will help accomplish this goal. Some schools may want to grant their own wish by raising $6500 on their own. Schools may choose to make a donation to the MAHS/MASC office with the designation of Make-A-Wish in the memo section of the check. The MAHS/MASC office then will cut one check to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Either option will provide a wonderful experience for a Make-A-Wish student. Please try and get all checks into the office by April 2.

As part of the MAHS/MASC State Leadership Convention, we will recognize all schools who have donated big or small to this project. If you have any questions, please call 763-232-2501 or send email ( Let’s pull together as a State and make an individual’s dream come true.