Clare Richards-Impacks

Clare is the Co-Founder of Impacks, an educational supply company in Central Minnesota. She believes in giving back to school communities and her business has been embraced by many schools across the country.

In her bio she states, “I have a strong love for learning, combined with an unquenchable curiosity. I’m always looking for the human-centric spark within a strategy that will help organizations grow.

I’ve found that it’s often easy to identify a challenge and propose a solution. The hard work begins when you act on that solution. I’m passionate about uncovering challenges, identifying solutions, AND taking action. I believe you must have all three if you want real, positive change. I’m a YES person. I raise my hand. I live to take on new challenges.”

Clare will be speaking to the students and advisors about the power of the word, “YES” and how it can make a difference in the lives of student leaders.

We have a tentative schedule ready to go for the Fall Leadership Forum at Cragun’s on November 5th and 6th. Please use this guide in setting up transportation and communication to parents. We are so excited to share many student-led initiatives and allow for students to grow in their thinking.

Fall Leadership Forum Student Schedule
Fall Leadership forum Advisor Schedule

Please keep in mind that the hotel guaranteed rate is good until October 15th and Registration for the Fall Leadership Forum is due by October 23rd. 

Fall Leadership Forum Registration
Cragun’s Housing Form

We are also seeking presenters from each school at the Idea Fair on Monday. Please submit your presentation so we make sure we have enough tables for all presenters!

Presentation Registration

I apologize for the bad link in the Debrief Homecoming section of the October Checklist. Please find the revised link which will bring you to the correct page. I hope that these checklists are helpful in your planning!

October Checklist

The MASC/MAHS Exec Board has been busy creating newsletters to share with your councils and chapters. Please share the newsletters with your students so they continue to be updated with events and ideas from across the state. These students have done an excellent job creating a very thorough and well-designed newsletter!

Exec Board Newsletter