MASC Mission

MASC is an organization that provides high schools and middle level schools, advisors, and students with an opportunity to participate in leadership activities to better themselves and their student councils. Through region, state, and national meetings and conventions, students get the opportunity to participate in the governmental process, interact with students from other schools, and develop strong social and leadership skills.

Minnesota has ten divisions: Capital, Central, Eastern, Hennepin, Northeast, Northwest, South Central, Southeast, Southwest, and Western which make up the MASC. Each division invites member schools to participate in regional conventions. Resolutions are discussed, passed, and brought to the State Leadership Convention, and officers are elected to lead their division. Division Presidents meet several times each year to assist and make recommendations to the executive committee and to discuss issues pertaining to MASC.

National Affiliation

In addition to division and state conventions, MASC is a member of the National Association of Student Councils . The national association is made up of regions in which Minnesota is one of six states in Region IV, along with Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. MASC has the opportunity to nominate a student to become a region representative candidate. Advisors and principals may also be nominated.

Advisors play an important roll in student councils. The Minnesota Association of Student Council Advisors (MASCA) is made up of advisors from around the state. The MASCA has an executive board made up of one advisor representative from each division, the state advisor, and the state director. From the executive board a president, secretary, and treasurer are elected.

Advisors have the opportunity to be recognized at the state convention as Division Advisor of the Year and the Warren E. Shull Advisor recipient competes for national recognition through each region.