October 2018

First newsletter of the Year!

That probably means Homecoming is over and you are moving on to the next project and event. Take time to evaluate, record your impressions, and pass them onto the 2019-2020 council and chapter. Your leadership only gets better by looking backward and moving forward.

Looking forward! The Fall Forum will be held at last year’s popular destination-Cragun’s Resort on November 4/5. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. Delegates loved the fireplaces, the pool, the dance, and most importantly, the actual conference. Read the schedule carefully. The executive committee, based on last years input from you, has moved registration up to 3 pm. Dinner (in Plainview, my home town, it was supper) will be included in your registration on Sunday night. Breakfast will be included on Monday morning and the conference will end before lunch. Many delegates and advisors had to leave before lunch last year so we made the schedule adjustment.

Our workshop presenter this year is Kyle Willcom. Check out his website kylewillcom.com. He is an amazing speaker and workshop presenter. You may have noticed twitter has become a huge political factor. We are bringing in a social media safety expert, Kent Mollberg, to give you some direction in your social media use. I have had many former students come back and tell me how potential employers scoured their sites. You have heard the warning that nothing every completely disappears from the net. It is true. Kent will give us the most up to date information on this issue.

Of course there will be a dance on Sunday night. For those of you that attended nationals, you will remember the success of the karaoke experience. We will be bringing that back. The large indoor pool is also an option. Finally you can just network with students from around the state.

The cost this year is $50 for advisors and students. Housing forms are on the website. Some councils opted to take advantage of the large cabins that were offered as a housing choice. The housing deadline is October 23 and the registration deadline is October 26. I hope you can find your way “up north” and take advantage of this leadership opportunity.

Doug Erickson
Coordinator of Student Activities